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Monday, September 3rd


Dynamic Stretching


200m Run

:30 Double Under Practice

10x Ring Rows

10x RKB Swings

10x Hanging High Knee Raises

Labor Day Metcon:

Team of 3

“Holloway + L.A.G.”


200m Parter Run

100x DU’s

30x Burpees

3x Rope Climbs

- then -

18RFT (Alternating - 6rds each):

2x Rope Climbs

6x KB Swings @ 70/53

10x T2B

* L3: Team of 2 | Legless (L.A.G. Only) | 16x GHDSU

* L1: 200x Single Unders | 2x Strict Pull-ups or 3x Kipping Pull-ups or 4x Ring Rows = 1x Rope Climb | 53/35 or less | 10x High Knee Raises or 16x BAMSU

Earlier Event: September 1
Later Event: September 4