If you’re intimidated or have lots of questions, you’re not alone. We’re here to help, and make your journey safe and fun.

Here are the two myths we hear the most:

  • I’M NOT FIT ENOUGH. DO I HAVE TO “GET IN SHAPE” TO DO THIS? Answer: Nope. CrossFit is for EVERYONE and every fitness level. Our onboarding program gives you four one-on-one sessions with a coach to help you get started safely and comfortably.

  • I’M TOTALLY INTIMIDATED. IS THAT NORMAL? Answer: Yes. Everyone here has had a “day one.” Our goal is to make yours comfortable and enjoyable.

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Your CrossFit journey starts with an onboarding program: Four one-on-one sessions with an experienced coach, where you’ll learn the basic movements and concepts of CrossFit. Upon completing the onboarding, you’ll be able to safely and comfortably join our regular lineup of classes.

Want to just see what CrossFit is about first? Try an “observation” class with us: observe as much as you’d like and participate as much as you feel comfortable. Afterward, your coach or a member of the Together We Rise CrossFit staff will discuss next steps with you, based on your goals. Click the button below to get started.

Just looking for more info? CLICK HERE to contact us for a tour.

Want more info? Here are some helpful links:

We also recommend that you check out the CrossFit Journal, which contains a wealth of information for both beginners and veteran CrossFit athletes, by clicking the logo below.