While it’s safe to say the CrossFit fundamentals are the same, CrossFit gyms (also called boxes) are not franchises and each owner has the freedom to run their gym according to their vision. So how do you know if a box is a good fit for you?

Three quick tips to find YOUR CrossFit gym:

  1. ASK QUESTIONS. Make sure your gym is a true CrossFit affiliate and that the coaching team is experienced. You want to ensure that the classes you’ll be attending are designed to keep you safe while getting you results.

  2. TAKE A CLASS. The best way to see if you’ve found your gym home is to take an “observation” class. This means you’ll observe as much as you want and participate as much as you feel comfortable. Learn the class structure and the “vibe” of the gym. At TWR CrossFit, your class will also include a tour of the whole facility and a chat with the owner to make sure all of your questions are answered.

  3. TRUST YOUR GUT. While you’re at the gym, talk with the coaches, talk with the members. What matters most is that you feel comfortable in the space. Is it clean? Is the equipment easily accessed? Is there room to move around? No matter what, your gym should feel like home.