Saturday May 5th: 10:30-12pm

Come join us for more details on our NEW PROGRAM designed to take your strength to a whole new level!

Stronger people are more useful and generally harder to kill.
— Mark Rippetoe

4 week beginner, intermediate and advanced progressions. The program is 2 days each week and will include 30-45min of barbell work along with 30-45 min of gymnastics.


barbell strength

  • Beginners build a strength foundation with basic movements and proven methods.
  • Intermediate lifters begin to work off specific percentages to take their strength to new levels.
  • Advanced progressions to break those plateaus and crush PR's.

gymnastics strength

  • Challenge your limits with specific exercises to work towards that first HSPU, pistol, toe to bar and more.
  • Effective progressions to build your ability to connect more reps. 
  • Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced programs available.