Chris Warsop

Chris Warsop




About Coach

I played football and baseball growing up and learned a lot about hard work, teamwork, and commitment during those years. I carried that work ethic through college and in my military years and now with the Indianapolis Fire Department. This is the same approach I take to coaching. I take pride in a realistic coaching approach that is focused on lifetime sustaining changes and goal setting that is centered on commitment but also realizing that most of us less busy lives with kids, jobs, families, and just a lot of things that happen outside of the gym. Small changes can last us a lifetime and give us more satisfied with ourselves and life as a whole. I love utilizing the perspectives I’ve learned through my career, life, and world travel to help influence people to be their healthier selves.

Turning Point

The major events of my life (sports, military, fire service) required me to hold myself to a certain standard, both physically and mentally. I've had to work hard to be better than the guy across from me. I’ve had to train to be able to accomplish tasks that may have seemed impossible. I’ve had to train to make sure I am at my best for others. I’ve always felt the drive to be better than I used to be. Every year, every month, every week, every day…I strive to be better than I was. Now that I have a family, I have to consider them. I have to balance my preparation for my career with preparation and execution as a father and husband. These are the most important roles I have ever had and have been the most challenging of my life. But the most fulfilling. The mental chess game of where to apply pressure, how, when, and the amount of the various roles that I have to fill seems to be overwhelming sometimes. But what grounds me, always, is my health and fitness journey. It touches every aspect of my life and benefits everyone as well. Regardless of the physical preparation for my career, it keeps me grounded for my family. My life challenge is to be able to run, sprint, throw, catch, and play with my grandkids. Maybe even my great-grandkids. This journey started for me in high school and will continue for a lifetime.

Motivation & Passion

I think the best thing in the world of coaching is watching people being their journey and then being able to be a part of their journey. I have coached a lot of people during my time as a coach and have seen so many people on their first day and then had the privilege to still be a part of their journey years later and be a part of the progress they have made. My big thing for new people is not to stress about wishing they would have added more weight and pushed a little harder during conditioning. I like to emphasize that this thing we call fitness is a lifetime worth of tries, fails, wishes, and PRs. They all come and go. Focus on the small habit changes to get you to where you want to be and when you feel like to could have gone harder or lifted more, that is a victory and that is something to remember. That is progress. If you are new to fitness, just learn to move and work to make this new thing a habit for you. Learn your body and how it responds and enjoy the results. My big thing for people who have been training for a while is to always remember where you came from. You had your first day too. Use your experience to improve yourself and those around you and be a positive influence, not just in the gym but in life. People will see your results. Always be humble, appreciative, and thankful for the things you have and have accomplished. I love seeing people make positive changes in their lives. Joining a gym is more than physically beneficial. The things we go through physically make us more mentally resilient and help us gain perspective on what is important in our lives. And that varies from person to person. My goal, as a coach, is to help people work on those physical changes on any given day at the gym but also, hopefully, provide a sounding board or give some advice along the way that can help people in other aspects of life.

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